Herbal Skin Nourishing Lotion

Herbal Skin Nourishing Lotion

Herbal Skin Nourishing LotionHerbal skin nourishing lotion is the mix of essential oils. The oils namely sesame oil, coconut oil, lemon oil and neem oil are mixed in certain proportion to make this lotion. It fulfills the nutrient requirements of the skin and nourishes it completely. It can be prepared once and stored in a jar for everyday use.

Only a well nourished skin can stay skin glowing and wrinkle free for a long time. The herbal skin nourishing lotion must contain the vital ingredients competent for curing the skin dryness and fulfilling the skin’s nutritional requirements. Then only the skin can be well fostered. The herbal skin nourishing lotion possesses all the features of skin nourishment. And the best part is, like any other homemade remedies it is easily prepared at home in few simple steps hence is cost effective too.

Ingredients Used:

Sesame Oil – It is also known as gingelly oil or til oil. It is rich in vitamin E oil and consists of anti-oxidant and anti-depressant properties due to which it releases the stress of skin cells and tissues. It easily penetrates deep inside the skin and rejuvenates the skin.

Coconut Oil – It is an excellent as a skin moisturizer and softener. It is 100% safe and easily available

Neem Oil – It works soothingly on the stressed and damaged skin. It is also helpful in restoring the lost natural elasticity of the skin.

Lemon Oil – It is extracted from lemon. The scientific name for lemon is citrus limonum (also known as Citrus Limon), of the Rutaceae family. This oil is also called as cedro oil. It proficiently removes the dead skin cells and keeps the skin utterly free from any sort of dirt and bacteria.


Mix together ½ cup sesame oil, ½ cup coconut oil, ¼ cup neem oil and ¼ cup lemon oil. Stir it well till the time it is blended well. Then store it in the dark bottle and keep it away from the sun.


First, clean the face and neck with homemade cleansing solution or face wash thoroughly. Then after take 1 teaspoon of prepared essential oil skin nourishing lotion and ½ teaspoon water on the palm. Mix it well and rub it in between both palms and apply it on the entire face and neck. Next, join together index and middle finger of both hands and massage the entire skin gently. Carry it out 2-3 minutes. Soon the applied lotion shall be absorbed in the skin.


The herbal skin nourishing lotion ideally must be used in night before sleeping. The reason being while sleeping, the oil absorbed in the skin shall repair all the skin ailments and provide the required nourishment. As the skin rests and there are no movements the therapeutic action is faster and better.

Make it a practice to use this herbal beauty tips for nourishing the skin well till its bottom layer. Get rid of dull and lifeless skin by using this herbal skin nourishing lotion. Gather all four essential oils and make this nourishing lotion today. Pamper your skin with the mix of essential oil and it shall make you look gorgeous!


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