How To Make Your Own Softening Foot Lotion

How To Make Your Own Softening Foot Lotion

How To Make Your Own Softening Foot LotionWho doesn’t want smooth, soft and supple feet? The kind of feet that you can run up the leg of your lover without causing them to grimace and draw away, or the kind of feet that you would not be at all embarrassed about throwing into a pair of strappy heels or sandals.
Given the amount of abuse that we put our feet through on a daily basis, the skin on our feet tends to become hardened and calloused. It’s not that we mean to be so cruel to our feet, it just sort of happens throughout the course of life!

You can easily make your very own softening foot lotion at home with only a few ingredients:

3 Tablespoons of castor oil
2 teaspoons of beeswax
Peppermint oil (10 drops)
Lemon balm oil (10 drops)
Here’s how you make it:

Step 1: Take out your double boiler. Set the heat to “low” and then pour in the castor oil.

Step 2: When the castor oil has heated through, add in the beeswax. Keep the temperature on “low”.

Step 3: Wait for the beeswax to melt. Once it has melted, remove it from the heat and allow the mixture to cool for about five minutes or so.

Step 4: Take out a small glass or jar with a lid. Add the peppermint oil with the lemon oil. Move the glass around in a circular motion so as to mix up and blend the oils completely.

Step 5: Now back to the castor oil and beeswax. When the mixture is warm (not hot!) pour it into the glass jar, right on top of the oil.

Step 6: Take out a spatula or a wooden spoon and then stir the mixture together. You want to have the oils blend in with the castor oil and beeswax.

Step 7: Now comes the fun part – using the mix! If you happen to have very dry skin, the best way to soften up your toes is to apply a very thick layer of the mixture over your feet right before bed. Throw on a pair of thick, cotton socks and sleep with the mixture on your feet. If you have normal skin, you can massage a small amount of the mix into your feet in the morning, or before bed. You probably will not need to wear socks to bed, though it is a good idea to add some extra softness to your feet.

Following this foot treatment every day, or even every other day, will guarantee soft, smooth and touchable feet. Following up with a pumice stone or an exfoliating scrub once or twice a week will help keep the dry skin and calluses at bay. Just be sure to never cut your calluses as some spas and salons suggest. Gently rubbing away the skin and moisturizing the soles of your feet with this foot softening lotion will do the trick. You can expect to see results in less than 2 weeks.


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