Hope my next film breaks Ghajini’s records: Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan along with the entire star cast of Ghajini celebrated the second success party of the film on the occassion of the film crossing a total worldwide gross of Rs.200 crores. In a brief tete-a-tete Aamir revealed to us the success story of Ghajini.

What according to you are the reasons for Ghajini’s success?

The film did well across the country and also overseas. It had the potential to entertain the audience all over. People from different social backgrounds like the film and appreciated it. Marketing played a huge role in the release of the film. Perhaps a good action film has not been made for a long time. The effort put by the director was equally important.

Ghajini has been appreciated all over India and overseas, according to you what is the potential in Ghajini?

When I see a film I see it as an audience because I react like an audience. I was moved, excited and on the edge of the seat when I was watching the film.

After the success of Ghajini don’t you think the pressure on you has increased?

Yes off course, the audience will expect more from me from my next film now. I hope it breaks more records. I hope my next film breaks Ghajini’s records. I will be happy but it will make Murugadoss sad.

Did you feel that you were the right choice for the role?

When I was offered the role I felt I was not the right choice for the role. It was a role meant for actors who are doing action roles like Salman and Akshay, they also had the physique for it. I spoke to Surya who did the Tamil version. I told him I was not suitable for the role. In return he told me that no one will be able to do it as I can. I got the confidence from him.

The villains name in the Tamil version of Ghajini is Laxman, what made you change it to Ghajini?

Phonetically Ghajini sounded very nice. When the heroine dies she takes his name and the hero remembers this name very well as he has short term memory loss.

What is the credibility when you sign a film?

I had no idea that Taare Zameen Par would be such a huge success. I just followed my heart and I think that’s how films have been made for ages. I am thankful to people who have faith in my work. It does have a strong part in my success.”

Ghajini has been released and received well in Pakistan too. It was the first film to release after the 26/11 attacks.

Oh, I wasn’t aware of that but I am happy about it. There is a lot of warmth amongst the people of Pakistan. When we won the last cricket match they were cheering the Indian team. It is important for societies to have relationships. There have been terror attacks in Pakistan as well. I would appreciate if the Indian leaders would put some pressure on the Pakistan leaders to put an end to terrorism. We should be consistent and strong about this issue.”

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