How do I get healthy looking skin?

You can have younger looking skin at any age. Here is how to undo skin damage as a result of too much sun exposure.

Freckles are cute across a little girls nose, but when you are not a kid anymore, freckles can turn into brown splotches on your face. Are these little splotches freckles or age spots? Minimizing their appearance in either case is easy.

As our skin ages the dermis tries hard to protect itself from the suns’ burning rays and increases its production of melanin this leaves brown splotches on the skin. The best protection against these age spots is to avoid the sun and use sunscreen.

But, if you already have splotchy skin you can use bleaching creams to fade age spots. Drug stores sell bleaching creams over the counter. These creams contain hydroquinone and go by names such as Porcelana. The hydroquinone fades brown spots in about 6 weeks time. Critics say that hydroquinone creams bought over the counter are not strong enough and that a doctor can prescribe a higher strength. Dermatologist also say that a fading cream works best when used a long with a Retin-A cream. Retin-A must be prescribed by a physician.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids can work to reduce age spots and also reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It works by using the mild acids from natural substances like fruit and milk to slough off dead skin cells.

To really refresh skin and get rid of age spots and wrinkles use a combination of all of the above. A topical cocktail of Retin-A, hydroquinone and Alpha Hydroxy Acid.

If creams are not getting rid of your skin problems several procedures can be done by your dermatologist.

Skin Peels: A doctor uses a 50 precent solution of salicylic acid. The problem spot blisters and peels off within two days. A single treatment runs about $350.00 it is very effective but takes several weeks to stop blistering and peeling.

Freeze out age spots. A dermatologist can freeze age spots with liquid nitrogen. Pain is surprisingly minimal. This treatment can have side effects in some people. It can leave scarring or a white spot in place of the brown spot.

Laser treatment on age spots destroys the cells making the excess pigmentation. New normally functioning pigment cells move back into that area. This method works best on one isolated brown spot. Laser treatment is generally not painful. Doctors agree that laser treatment carries the smallest amount of side effects.

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