Vitamin D and Calcium for longer life

Vital vitamins

Vitamin D and Calcium for longer life
When you are diagnosed as vitamin deficient, is it enough to simply pop a multivitamin tablet?

The answer is no. In fact multivitamin pills — if taken without appropriate prescriptions — can be damaging in the long run. The best way to defeat the deficiency is through a change in your diet.  Looking for vitamin boosters? Well, here you go.

Support your immune system with… vitamin A:

Do you end up catching every flu and cold going around? If your immune system is bad, it can be due to insufficient level of Vitamin A. Vitamin A is a potent antioxidant that neutralises the damage made by free radicals and thus support the skin, retina, liver, intestines, bones and adrenal.

Diet: Sweet potatoes, spinach, green leafy vegetables, carrots and apricots.

Boost concentration with… vitamin B1:

Feeling fatigued or foggy? Vitamin B1 can boost your concentration level by supporting the nervous system and increasing brain function. Vitamin B1 also protects the peripheral nerves, kidney, liver and heart.

Diet: Whole-grains, nuts, legumes, brewer’s yeast and asparagus.

Relieve eye fatigue and migraines with… vitamin B2:

If you have a high caffeine intake to counter fatigue and migraines, then vitamin B2 is right for you. It boosts red blood cell production and body growth.

Diet: Sprouts, broccoli, beans, avocados, asparagus and almonds

Ease digestion issues with… vitamin B3:

Vitamin B3 aids gastrointestinal tract health by ensuring normal secretion of bile, stomach fluids and proper maintenance of muscle tone. It also supports the spinal cord, skin, muscle, liver, kidneys and heart.

Diet: Yeast, sunflower seeds, legumes, and almonds.

Get happy and happier with… vitamin B6:

Feeling low or unhappy? Vitamin B6 gives balance to optimal nervous system functions and regulates mood swings, providing an effective treatment for depression.

Diet: Walnuts, oatmeal, lentils , carrots, bananas and avocado.

Increase iron levels with… vitamin C:

Vitamin C taken with your meal can facilitate intestinal absorption of non-heme iron (plant-based). It also supports ovaries, gums, adrenals, immune system and the liver.

Diet: Tomatoes, strawberries, raw cabbage, pineapple, peppers, parsley, guava, citrus fruits, broccoli and aloe vera juice.

Get healthy skin and hair with… vitamin E:

Want to reverse aging, heal scar tissues, improve hair and skin condition? Vitamin E is a strong antioxidant that supports the muscles, liver, brain, skin and immune system.

Diet: Wheatgerm, sunflowers, hazelnuts, apricot oil, almonds, and nut/plant oils.

Reverse damage from antibiotics with… vitamin K:

With long term use of antibiotics, the digestive system can get disrupted and impair fat absorption, which can be corrected by the Vitamin K intake. It also supports bones, liver, pancreas and blood vessels.

Diet: Spinach, soy beans, oats, lettuce, kale, kelp and cabbage.

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