How to get pretty legs

How to get pretty legs

How to get pretty legsBeautiful legs are long and slender – that’s the standard nowadays. How to get them? For those of us who don’t have naturally long and shapely legs, there is nothing left to do but to work hard to get the best legs our anatomy allows us to have. In a matter of fact, it’s not so difficult to have beautiful legs – a little exercise, the right diet and the right cosmetics make this task completely attainable. Here we have some simple, but effective tips to make your legs cover girl legs.

Right shoes for pretty legs

Uncomfortable shoes are the worst thing that could happen to your feet. If your foot doesn’t feel comfy in the shoe, it could lead to painful red spots, thick corns and even warts.

Wear your high heels only on special occasions, because “living” in them could damage your feet and your entire posture. Moreover, high heels can shorten ankle muscles and make your ankles look swollen. Tight, uncomfortable shoes can also deform and puff-up your toes and lead to articulation inflammations.

– To avoid any trouble, wear orthopedic insoles.

How to make your legs appear slimmer – visual tricks

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