How to Grow Long, Strong Fingernails

How to Grow Long, Strong Fingernails

How to Grow Long, Strong Fingernails1. Protect nails. Wear gloves when using chemicals (such as cleaning agents) doing rough work, and in cold weather.

2. File nails correctly and regularly. This should be done gently, in one direction only. Allowing weak nails to grow long will encourage breakage.

3. Eat a good, balanced diet. Nails are composed of protein, calcium and vitamins.

4. Use hand cream, or specially formulated nail strengthening oil. These keep nails flexible, yet strong. Dry brittle nails are more likely to break.

5. Avoid formaldehyde hardening formulas as these weaken nails.

6. Gently massage base of nails and fingertips to increase blood flow which in turn promotes healthy growth.

7. Be gentle with them – don’t pick off polish, use them as tools to open paint pots, or chew them.

8. If nails change colour or texture then visit your doctor. This could be a sign of infection in the nail bed, or a disease elsewhere in the body.

9. Don’t share files, clippers etc as this can spread disease and infection.

10. Take regular exercise. The nails of fit, healthy people grow more quickly than those of inactive people.


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