Humaima Malik

Humaima Malick and her journey from TV to Films

Humaima Malik“TV actors make people smile. That’s about it. Movie actors, on the other hand, make people want to reach out to and touch them,” says model-cum-actor Humaima Malick, explaining why she entered the world of film.

Malick has worked in several television dramas before and has now ventured into Pakistan’s film industry with Shoaib Mansoor’s production Bol, which was released throughout Pakistan on June 24.

The young star, who has played contrasting roles in the famous television dramas “Barish kay Ansoo” and “Tanveer Fatima (BA)”, admits it was always her dream to make it to the big screen. “I always wanted to do movies. Besides, I never really enjoyed television that much,” reveals Malick, dressed in a figure-flattering, short-sleeved orange top.

With the success of Bol, Malick has not only made her mark in the film industry, she has also won hearts through an award-winning performance. This is highly evident from the ever-growing list of her fans — some blatantly proposed to her, whilst others bent down on their knees to applaud her performance after the premiere of the movie.

Claiming that acting was second nature to her, Malick also reveals her love affair within the world of films. “I’ve always had a thing for the 35mm film camera. I was often found flirting with it,” said Malick, underscoring her innate passion for acting.

Usually a fun-loving, glam-it-up type girl, 23-year-old Malick was initially offered the role of Meena, a courtesan in the film, played by Iman Ali. Malick, already looking forward to playing Meena, was additionally excited about the glitz and the glamour of that role — which required heavy jewellery, make-up and beautiful clothes.

However, much to her dismay, that excitement was short-lived as Mansoor had a sudden change of heart and approached her again — this time to offer her the lead role. Quite opposite to how any other person would have reacted after being given the main role, Malick didn’t exactly jump in excitement. “But I want to wear my lenses, do the make-up and look glamorous,” was her first uncontrolled expression.

However, at that time, little did she know that this experience would change her perception towards acting forever. “Acting with make-up on is much easier and is not a challenge. The audience generally focuses on the pretty face they see, willing to overlook the flaws in acting, dialogue-delivery etcetera. However, acting without even the slightest tinge of make-up is a challenge. One needs to be perfect at the skill,” says the young actor with a proud smile.

When asked if Malick preferred the much-hyped role of Mahira Khan who was paired with singing sensation Atif Aslam, she was quick to dismiss any such notion. “Mahira’s role hardly got a line or two in the whole movie. Compare that to the lead role where it was me who was doing all the talking. It’s stupid to think I would, even for a second, prefer Mahira’s role,” says Malick, also the Brand Ambassador of Sunsilk and Lux.

The up-and-coming actor, who is already working on a Bollywood film and an international project at the moment, hopes to work with singer and actor Ali Zafar, who is also a close friend of hers. Across the border, Malick dreams of working for a Sanjay Leela Bhansali film, albeit for unusual reasons. “He just makes everyone look so beautiful on camera,” says Malick radiating confidence that also reveales her yearning to make it big.

The young talent also admires Bollywood actor Madhuri Dixit, claiming her “chaal, dance and of course acting” are all flawless.

When asked whether the budding star would continue to work for the local film industry, Malick does not even make an attempt at hiding her reservations. “Yes, if a good script comes along, then why not. However, I can’t do Meera, Reema and Resham.”

The multi-faceted Malick holds on to the belief that an actor must be versatile and capable of doing different roles, perpetually challenging and stretching one’s skill-set. Keeping that in mind, she is now looking forward to working in comic films — in which she is shown as completely “crazy” and funny.

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