Casual Eyeshadow Ideas for Teens

Learning the proper makeup techniques can help teens feel confident. Once teens start wearing makeup, it is helpful to understand how to wear it to school and during the day. Teenage girls should enhance their eyes without overpowering them. Eye makeup that is too bright and garish can overpower their features. There are some casual eyeshadow ideas for teens that are perfect for everyday looks.

Neutral eyeshadow colors, such as taupe, work well for just about any eye color. It is particularly flattering on green or brown eyes. A light wash of taupe eyeshadow across the eyelid and crease is a casual eyeshadow idea. Use a frosty-white eyeshadow and swipe it just under the eyebrow, on the brow bone. This highlights the area without adding additional color.

A flattering casual eyeshadow idea for teens is to line the eyes with light, shimmering, silver eyeshadow. Apply it to the crease of the eyes. The trick is to keep the rest of the eye makeup simple. Sweep a bone-colored eyeshadow from the eyelid up to the brow bone. Add just a bit of silver eyeshadow only in the crease of the eyes and blend it well. Finish by using that same eyeshadow to line the bottom and top lash line. Smudge it slightly after application.

Shades of green eyeshadow make eye colors pop. Avoid using dark green except for in the crease, as it can be a bit dark for daytime. Use a light, sage green on the eyelid as well as up on the brow bone. Add forest green eyeshadow just to the outer corners of the eyelids.

Pink eyeshadow is appropriate for a school day or summer afternoon. Avoid hot pink on the eyelids as it can increase and pull out the pinkness of the eyeball. Stick with soft, baby pink. Brush a wash of pink color onto the eyelid only. If you are a fan of sparkle, dust a light amount of glitter eyeshadow over it.


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