Interview of Mani (Indus Vision)

Name: Salman Saquib a.k.a Mani

Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:

B.Com from Govt. Commerce College, Karachi.

Personalities usually watch TV programs. I watch sports in my spare time and I also play along with the showbiz team.

Other Occupations:
Well this is my bread and butter…. If you are fit in this profession you can more than a CA or an MBA.

What do you think about your job?

It’s cool.

Would you encourage others to take up this job?

Yups.. If they believe they are talented enough then why not, but being talented is only the beginning, either you are a Vj or you are not. There is nothing in between.

Your First television experience?

I did my first television program 3 years back in Music Channel Charts (MCC) as a writer. That was the very first time, I did skits with my co-writer Muji who writes ‘Mani Says’ , ‘Aik aur Aik Do’, ‘Desi Pardesi Charts’ and many other programs of mine, but I still remember my first program was also Dino’s first acting assignment. It was Me, Muji, Dino and Amena Khan who is currently a Music Director along with Ahsan Rahim.

What was your big achievement in life?

Still not arrived yet……..I think my program ‘Streets’……which revolutionized the trend of comparing of everyone. It was Streets, now you can see so many of my clones on different television channel doing road shows. I introduced a new style that you can go and interview people casually and comfortably. In one of those shows I visited the ‘Giddu Bander Mental Hospital’ in Hyderabad where I chatted with mentally challenged people which I think is one of biggest achievements.

What do you feel of your popularity which you gained from Indus Tv?

Yes of course… but yeh dil mangey aur… The taste of fame is better than all other tastes but I still remember my days of struggle. I enjoy my success more by recalling those days. Showbiz is a very interesting game; you are a king one day a beggar next day. You never know.

Has fame changed you private life?

Well yes. I can’t drive a car, now I cannot enjoy traveling in buses and rickshaws. In my house sometime I still prepare my breakfast, iron my clothes but I hesitate in going out.

Your Favorite Pakistani Model?

Well….. Tough question… Well my favorite is Iraj. She is really cool.

Your Ideal Personality?

After Quaid-e-Azam I think Imran khan because he was the only one who took Pakistan’s name to another level.

Did you ever want to be a compare/host?

I was here to be a writer and I recognized my comparing skills after quite some time or I could become a host or a compare, but now I know it’s my style which has given me so much popularity. Basically, it’s my style which has increased my audience as anyone can relate himself with me.

Type of Music you like?

I rather prefer the oldies like Billy Joel, Simon and Garf Uncle. I also like Indian songs of Late 70’s and Nazia Zohaib.

Favorite Musicians?

Well mine is Paul Simons. I don’t think there is a better composer or song writer in this world. I like Paul Simon a lot. He is a singer too. A great singer perhaps.

Favorite Pakistani Artist/Band?

Well Pakistani Jawad Ahmed, Strings, Najam Sheraz. Not one but three. I think they are better than the rest.

Favorite Song Pakistani?

3 hain … aik … In fizaaoun mai by Najam Sheraz, Anjanay by Strings and Baqi sub theek hai by Jawad Ahmed.

What do you think of other Pakistani Artists?

Well in my opinion, Noori is the next Junoon, Fuzon will take Sajjad Bhai’s place…Ahmed Jhanzeb and EP is good… Our music is much better than Indian Pop Music it is more experimental in fact we are far ahead of India in Pop Music although in film music they are better than us.

How would you like to be remembered?

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