It is Important in Make Up

It is Important in Make Up

It is Important in Make UpMakeup obtaining a weapon for every woman to enhance your appearance or may also be regarded as the drug of confidence.

But still many women who are often wrong in the daub of makeup that makes them look unattractive.

Here are the things that you should remember when her makeup so that your appearance will look more beautiful and charming.

There are several things you need to know in choosing a foundation. Foundation serves to cover up imperfections on the skin.

Therefore choose foundation color that matches the color of your skin. Want to look white by using a foundation with the color on your skin will actually make your face look like a mask.

At the time of purchase foundation, apply foundation first on the jaw line, not on hand. Because skin color similar to the hand just like the color of the face, while at the jaw line is the right to determine the right foundation color or skin color.

Before applying makeup, make sure your face in a moist state. Using makeup on the face of the dry conditions Kult will only clarify the skin to rupture. Therefore do ekfoliasi routinely using a scrub to remove dead skin that accumulate and wear facial moisturizer 15 minutes before the makeup.

Then when drawing the eyebrows (other than using an eyebrow pencil) eyeshadow is the right tool in the application of eyebrows. The use of eyeshadow with 1-2 shades lighter than your hair color will make the eyebrows thicker and look more natural.

Lastly avoid the use of mascara on bottom lashes. Using mascara on bottom lashes to make the overall appearance looks ‘fake’. As an option, wear clear mascara or eyeliner to give a decisive effect on the eyes.


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