Eye Makeup Brush Must Haves

Eye Makeup Brush Must Haves

Eye Makeup Brush Must HavesSure, the makeup you own may look good on you – in theory. But if you aren’t using the right brushes to apply that makeup in the first place, you can either be losing the effect of your makeup or you may be destroying your look all together!

You may be thinking, “But my blush came with a little brush! Can’t I just use that?” The answer is “no”. Any brushes that are provided with most makeup products are essentially junk that will do the makeup, and your appearance, no justice. Picking up makeup brushes may initially be a bit of an expense, but if you purchase quality brushes they may last for 5 years or more and you will definitely notice a difference in how your makeup looks once applied.

The Brushes

The most makeup brushes that are out on the market these days are for the eyes, and for a good reason. Our eyes have many different contouring areas and crevices that need different tools to fully compliment their shape. The most important brush to start with for your eyes is the flat stiff brush. This brush is to be used to put all-over eye color all over your entire eyelid. The stiffness of the bristles is required so that the brush can pick up a lot of eye color, and the flatness of the brush allows you to pat any kind of eyeshadow you have over the eye primer.

The next type of brush that is important to have in your makeup kit is the stiff dome brush. This brush is absolutely essential if you are a big fan of giving yourself the dramatic, smoky eyes. The shape of this brush allows for you to apply more color to the crease of your eyes and without getting color on the lid or above the brow bone.

Then there is the soft dome brush. This brush is useful in creating softer, more blended looks. The soft dome brush is ideal for blending in any eyeshadow under your brow bone, applying powder to the under eye area to prevent your eye makeup from creasing, and it’s a great tool for applying lighter, softer colors to the crease of your eye.

The pencil brush is the last eye makeup brush on the list of “must haves”. If you like to wear eye liner, then this brush is ideal. This small, thin brush is wonderful for smudging any eyeshadow under your lower lash line and for smudging your eyeliner evenly. It’s also great if you are trying to give yourself a defined crease.

What Type of Brush to Get

There are a wide variety of different makeup brushes that you can buy, and a wide range of different prices. The general rule of thumb is that the less expensive the brush, the lower in quality the brush is. Less expensive brushes are typically made out of plastic and have nylon bristles. They are not nearly as good when it comes to makeup application, and they will need to be replaced far sooner than if you were to buy a different type of brush.

The best kind of makeup brushes are those that have a wooden handle and that are made of animal hair bristles. These are the brushes that can last 5 years or more, depending on how well and regularly they are maintained.


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