Katrina: ‘Watch Yuvvraaj for Salman and me’

You seem to be the Queen of Big Budget films. After the super-duper ‘Race’ and ‘Singh Is Kinng’, you have yet another biggie lined up for release — ‘Yuvvraaj’. How does it feel?

It feels great but I don’t think budget has anything to do with the quality of a film. It’s the content and presentation which matters at the end of the day. Yuvvraaj being a musical drama, it calls for grand visuals and a certain larger than life canvas.

The film seems like a complete entertaining drama. Could you tell us something more about the film?

Yeah, I would definitely classify it as a drama… a musical drama, so to say. The music plays an integral part of the film.

When you see the tagline of the film it says, ‘Music binds love’. Some people may call it cliched but for me music does play such an important part in my day to day life that I could completely identify with what the film is trying to say.

Audiences are all excited to see you romantically paired opposite Salman Khan. How does it feel?

People often forget that Salman and I have done a couple of movies together before ‘Yuvvraaj’, yes I do agree that the focus was more on comedy than romance in our previous films, which is why I guess people are looking forward to seeing us in a different role. Even though ‘Yuvvraaj’ isn’t an out and out romantic film, let me tell you that some of the most beautiful moments in the film are between Salman and me because what you see on screen doesn’t come across as forced.

Which is your favourite track in ‘Yuvvraaj’?

My personal favourite has to be ‘Tu Muskura’ because it’s a song that connects to me emotionally.

A lot of people say that the race for the No.1 Heroine is well and truly on between Kareena, Priyanka and yourself. Your comments on the same.

I think everyone is in their own secure space.

Both Kareena and Priyanka are extremely talented actresses and I am happy to even be considered in that same league. As an actress, I just want to keep progressing.

On a parting note, give us 3 good reasons to watch ‘Yuvvraaj’

1. The music 2. The relationship between Anil Kapoor and Salman Khan 3. The visuals of the film, the spontaneity of the characters and… oh yes the moments between Salman and me (laughs).

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