Kay Kay Menon on ‘The Stoneman Murders’

Kay Kay Menon the actor who is more known for his acting and less for attending parties is back in action. Every time the actor manages to impress his audience with his flawless acting skills. We had a brief chat with this talented actor about his upcoming movie ‘The Stoneman Murders’ and his role in it.

Q. Do you think that this movie will also create the same buzz like Bobby Bedi’s last realistic film ‘Bandit Queen’?
A. See you can’t compare ‘Bandit Queen’ and ‘The Stoneman Murders’. ‘Bandit Queen’ was internationally acclaimed and it was a great film. It was a very realistic film with real characters whereas this movie is based on the real event but the characters and many of the things are fictional in the film. You can say that this movie is the combination of fictional and non fictional things.

Q. The actual story of the stoneman was always covered up. Do you think this movie is an attempt to bring all the truth out?
A. Manish the director of the film has done a lot of research on this story and yes there is an attempt to bring out many facts about the incident through this movie.

Q. It all happened in 1983 and being a strong storyline too, nobody took this subject, and now after so many years Manish is making the movie on this; what do you think is the reason behind it?

A. Manish is really passionate about these types of subjects and he has worked really hard on the subject and that is the reason he is making the film on this subject and I have no idea why anyone else didn’t take this subject from so many years.

Q. The movie is releasing on Friday 13 which is considered to be an unlucky combination?
A. It is a coincidence that the movie is releasing on the Friday 13, and lets see whether it is going to be unlucky or lucky for us.

Q. You are playing the role of the police officer, what challenges you faced while playing this role? Tell us more about your role?
A. I have played the role of a police officer in ‘Black Friday’ too. But there the character was inspired by the real life character whereas in this movie this character is fictional, is very different from that one. I get into the character deeply and analyze it and I find myself very comfortable acting so it wasn’t a challenge but a pleasure doing this role. The cop which I am playing in the movie has been suspended and to get his job back he is struggling to find out the truth behind The Stoneman case.

Q. This incidence happened in 1983 and you were in your teens that time. Were you aware of the fact about the incident that time? What was your reaction after you heard about it?
A. Yes, my parents used to tell me that don’t go out otherwise Stoneman will hurt you and stuffs like that. So I knew only this much about the incident.

Q. Do the story expose the intentions and the reason behind the method of killing used by Stoneman?
Yes, the story expose the intentions and the reason behind the method of killing used by the Stoneman.

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