Separate makeup Effective Use Eyelash Mascara

Macara Application Tips and Trick

Separate makeup Effective Use Eyelash MascaraThe mascara is one of the most beloved and cosmetics used by women, bushy eyebrows and seductive , in fact, are the desire of many women. On the other hand, often form the unsightly lumps and mascara makes eyelashes stuck and just beautiful to see.

How to solve the problem unless you have a comb, eyelash? This is a very useful trick to solve the problems of clots and to keep the lashes separate and full.

Get an old credit card you will need while applying mascara. Supports the credit card at the base of the lashes with one hand while his other hand to apply plenty of mascara on the lashes, with a zigzag motion.

In this way, the lashes do not stick together, and you can also bend slightly if you use eyelash mascara applicator upright and make sure that the lashes go around the edge of a credit card.

Have you ever tried this trick before? If you did, you should not underestimate: it is really effective.


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