L’Oreal Paris cosmetics galore!

L’Oreal Paris make-up studio at Naheed Super Store

L’Oreal Paris cosmetics galore!After the success of their mall animation project at Park Towers almost a fortnight ago, L’Oreal Paris has crossed another milestone, and opened up its very first make-up studio at Naheed Super Store, Bahadarabad, on May 17.

The make-up studio offers a total makeover and the first of its kind skin testing facility, bringing the ultimate L’Oreal Paris experience to the public.

Zainab Pasha, the company’s marketing manager said: “A retail experience was missing. The direct consultation that the consumer can have at the studio was something that was unheard of before.”

Pasha said: “It is not going to be an everyday activity, but yes, on Eid and Mother’s Day, this place will charm the consumers.

If we had opened the studio on day to day basis, this place would have lost its novelty.”

On selecting Naheed Super Store’s first floor as the site of the make-up studio, Pasha said: “This was a perfect place to welcome consumers and give them tips on skin and make-up application.”

Peng Qureshi, a beauty therapist who was present at the inauguration, said: “We need to educate Pakistani women about skin care, from cleansing and moisturizing to sun protection. This place is highly recommended for any woman who wants to look beautiful.”

Actor Noor, who cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony, said:

“I am highly impressed with the opening up the make-up studio. It’s their first studio opening in the country and I hope ladies will look forward to it, to look forever young.

L’Oreal has been instrumental in playing a key role in the cosmetic industry for more than a 100 years now, and unlike most other brands, it is promoting Pakistani models and stars as brand ambassadors of its cosmetic range, which is indeed a good thing to do.”

The brand spokespersons include model Aamina Sheikh, VJ and host Anoushey Ashraf.


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