L’Oreal unveils its new anti-aging range

L’Oreal unveils its new anti-aging range

L’Oreal unveils its new anti-aging rangeAging doesn’t stop but anti-aging products can help slow down the pace and give one confidence.

On May 6, L’Oreal Paris held an interactive animations session on skin care at Park Towers to unveil their new anti-wrinkle product line, L’Oreal Revitalift.

According to L’Oreal Pakistan’s Managing Director, Musharaf Hai, “We are here at Park Towers to directly interact with our customers. They can join us as we unveil our new range and see the product. We believe that the power of the product should be so strong that it can be exposed directly in the market.”

L’Oreal’s spokesperson in Pakistan, Aamina Sheikh, said: “The idea of maintaining beautiful skin needs to be revolutionized here in Pakistan. The company has expertise in skin care, developed through over a hundred years of research…One needs to look after their skin not after 40, but after 25 years of age. We provide what’s best for your skin, as we are an ethically strong brand.”

At the session in the mall, facials, free makeovers and skin testing was provided for costumers. Twenty-six-year old Zershi Ovais, a house wife, went for skin testing at the L’Oreal testing station: “I wanted to know what type of facial skin I have, and have just been informed that I have dry skin. They said that a foundation base with oil in it will suit my skin type best.”

According to another L’Oreal spokesperson, Anoushey Ashraf, “We believe in the philosophy of ‘look good and feel good.’ People here in Pakistan waste a lot of money on beauty products but not on skin care. They wear make-up but don’t know how to take care of their skin.”

Stylist Saba Ansari of Sabs salon said, “Amazing stuff is available here. The makeup look for 2011 is ‘less is more’.”

Cosmetologist Ujala Zia said: “There are a number of concerns that today’s women have about their skin. For aging skin, we make sure that they use the right product and it suits their skin type. Here we have a platform to educate them, and let them touch and feel the product.”

Acclaimed beauty therapist Peng Qureshi offered this advice: “Look after your skin from the very beginning so that skin aging slows down, and one is able to boast fresh, young looking skin.”

To try these products and get free advice from the expert panel, visit Park Towers and meet with the L’Oreal team. They will be available till the evening of May 15, 2011.

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