Luscious matte look for Summer 2010

While the rest of the world is enjoying the last weeks of Spring, we have already been rushed into full-blown summer weather. The heat and humidity makes skin oily and shiny, and melts our best efforts at looking chic and well-groomed during the day. Matte skin is back in trend on global runways and it is the only way to look cool and composed on hot summer days. Here’s the Luscious Guide to Flawless Matte Skin for Summer 2010.

The must-have products for this look are:
Luscious Ultra-Protective Whitening Base SPF 35
Pressed Powder Compact
Step 1:
After cleansing your face in the morning, apply the Whitening Base all over your face and neck. It will instantly mattify your skin, while also providing excellent sun protection throughout the day.

Step 2:
With a sponge (included in the powder compact) apply pressed powder all over your face. We recommend using a sponge to ensure that you get good coverage with the powder. The special powder formula never cakes and is very silky, so don’t worry about using too much. It will give you long-lasting, medium coverage and control oiliness all day. 
Step 3 (optional):

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