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10 easy tips for summer makeup

sumer makeupSummer is definitely approaching, and with this season, more and more people to the beach, catch some surf, sip pina colada and sexy bikini swing. Along with these, the makeup should make that summer glow that everyone should be eager. And so, I give you the top ten surprisingly simple summer makeup tips to make you feel like a sun goddess.

1. Natural Eye

This summer, well … every summer, is all about going natural. No need to have very dark eye shadow to make it look elegant. The neutral complements your face look radiant in the summer. In addition, the weather gets too hot to make up complete can be a lot of work. All you really need to do is to have only the perfectly shaped eyebrows and apply two coats of mascara (we recommend using a brown or brownish black mascara to make it more natural) on the tabs and the set of all.

2. Go for the Gold

The application of golden shimmer to the eyelids can definitely make your eyes pop. A great tip is to dab a bit of him in the back of the eye, which is the tear duct area.

3. To apply tinted moisturizers

liquid and powder foundation can be very strong during the summer. Choose tinted moisturizers instead. It provides coverage without the heaviness. All you have to do is dab some concealer on your problem areas such as circles, and then with a sponge, apply the product evenly across the face.

4. Sunscreen is your best friend

You can never say this enough. This wonderful product instantly gives your face a natural glow, without the sun! Dab a little of this product in areas where the sun is usually done (in the forehead, nose, chin and cheeks). Do not put too much product. the key is to mix until you are satisfied.

5. Put some color in her cheeks

The application of blush on her cheeks instantly puts color on your face. peach-toned blush tones, or corally are great for summer.

6. Go Nude on the lips

Nude-ish colors are best used when you’re hitting the beach. To keep ‘em cold, place them in the refrigerator or stay near the air conditioner to prevent melting.

7. Protect your face with a moisturizer.

Use moisturizer with SPF 15 or higher. Definitely protect your face from harmful UV rays.

8. Go to Waterproof Mascara

Sweating is inevitable during the warmer seasons, so there is a great possibility for your makeup to melt. Try to use waterproof mascara to avoid ugly have raccoon eyes.

9. Choose Eyeliners That Scream Summer

Hot Brown, slate gray and navy blue eyeliner, are excellent for use during the summer. Apply with a light hand and you’re good to go.

10. Sunscreen is always

Before putting on the beautiful Dior sunglasses, apply a generous amount of broad-spectrum sunscreen that has SPF 30. You do not want glasses pale.


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