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Makeup Tips for Dry Skin , Useful GuidelineYou also have some problems to fix your makeup and make it last all day (or overnight)? Do not worry, it’s a problem common to many women, often the make-up takes only a few hours and forced to constant adjustments to keep it in place and not to particular everywhere.

The solution to this problem is very simple: just use some tips and a strategy to fix the makeup, choose the alternative best suited to your lifestyle. Here are some tips for things to do to take the makeup and do not end up with panda eyes or skin patches!

1. Choose a Good Primer and Use it Again
The primer is nothing but a transparent base to be applied before makeup, made for preparing the skin for makeup and not do the trick to fix leaking. The primer smooths and brightens skin, it also offers more grip to beauty products.

You can find it on the Mac, but other famous brands like Clarins, Chanel or Urban Decay offer various primer. This seems like a straight granted, but in Italy the primer is not so famous abroad.

Do not have a full availability of a primer? Here’s an easy remedy remedy DIY eyeshadow easy to fix: apply a beige concealer on the eyelid and dab with the fingertips, then apply a layer of transparent and proceed with the powder eye shadow. The result is amazing!

2. Le Veline towels are miraculous!
One of the main causes of runny makeup is the presence of sebum in the skin and for that the absorbent tissue can come to our aid.

They are created for those who have oily skin, but can be used with great benefits to those who have normal skin, dry or mixed. Use them before applying makeup and some Permit held: During the day gently blot your face, you will notice the increased adherence of makeup.

3. Spray your face with mineral water
This suggestion comes from the best makeup artists: Note that when the makeup is melting and is leaking, splashing mineral water on your face (even better if spa water!) holding the bottle about 20 inches away and giving a fast splash just moistened.

This will cool the makeup and at the same time will prevent it from dripping everywhere. Be careful not to wet completely, just only a small splash. Try it!

4. Keep the wet wipes on hand
You dirty your shirt, white foundation? Do not wait to get home to fix the problem, and do not fly very abundant in the bathroom to wet the fabric, you just have some handy wipes.

They are excellent for removing stains from clothing because of their delicate composition and effective at the same time. Try also with the normal make-up wipes: extremely well.


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