Choosing the right eye makeup

Eye Makeup The BasicsThe most important part of your makeup should be your eyes, that is if you decide to skip out on foundation. You can defiantly make a statement just by doing a classic eye makeup look. It’s important to choose the right eye makeup because it can change your overall appearance. Your eye makeup can easily emphasize your eyes by using a few products and a few techniques.

Start by picking the right colour eye shadow to complement your eye colour. Brown-eyed girls can choose neutral shades of copper, gold and even bronze. A shimmering neutral colour can easily bring attention to your eyes. Depending on your eye shape, your makeup should be used to create elongated eyes. If you eyes are almond shape then opt for bolder eyeliner look. Those with this eye shape should increase the depth and intensity of their eyes. Try out different smudged out eyeliner looks to help your eyes appear larger. Make your eyes appear more round by applying liner before the outer corner of the eye.

For those with large eyes that are round, try to make your eyes appear more elongated by applying dark eyeliner on the top and slightly extending it out to the corner of the eyelid. Opt for a darker shade of eye shadow on your lid such as a dark jungle green and smudge the same shade of shadow on the lower lash line. Use a slightly light shade of eye shadow on your brow bone and blend out the darker shade to the crease. This will create a smoky eye look.

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