Manicure Mania

Manicure Mania

Manicure ManiaWith the winter chill in the air, keeping nails sexy and strong becomes a challenge. Nails break more easily than usual and cracked, dry skin on hands and feet often take precedence over the appearance of one’s fingertips and toes. However, despite the inconvenience of winter’s cold bite, keeping short, sexy nails has never been more stylish. Read on to discover three hot styles for cool winter nails!

Manicure style #1:
Attempt a spin-off of a traditional French manicure. Instead of the customary pink with white tips, try a pale blue with white tips and a tiny white snowflake painted on one or two of your nails. To achieve this style, apply a base coat followed by two coats of pale blue. Once the blue dries, apply a small border of white polish to only the tips of your nails. If you don’t trust your hand to be steady enough to paint the design, check the beauty sections of various stores for snowflake decals and appliqu’s. Not into the blue and white combo? Choose any two colors you like and invent your own contemporary French manicure. And don’t forget your toes!

Manicure style #2:
Go dark and sexy. Keep your nails short and rounded and apply several coats of a rich color like maroon, purple, navy or deep green. Check out the newest shades in the makeup section of your favorite local stores and select a few shades to last you the next few months. Apply a base coat to strengthen your nails and follow with two coats of your desired dark hue, followed by a topcoat. For a creative twist, apply a decal, rhinestone or a mostly-transparent topcoat boasting glitter or gloss.

Manicure style #3:
Lay on the metal. Metallics are in this year, so don’t be afraid to be a little daring when it comes to dressing up your nails. Trim and file your nails to a short, rounded or slightly squared-off shape and apply base coat, two coats of color and finish with a topcoat. If you still aren’t convinced, consult a beautician in a cosmetics department or even ask your hairstylist for her opinion. Nail Expert Carolyn Cianciotto notes that the hottest looks this season are short, dark and oval. Red nails, though traditional, are very popular. Short and sheer nails are “working girl sexy,” she adds, admitting that many men prefer reds and French manicures with nails not too long and not too short.

No matter which style appeals most to you, try to keep your nails healthy and strong throughout the cold winter season. Enjoy sexy, attractive nails without spending a bundle at the salon. Feel free to apply a clear topcoat from time to time to keep your polish from chipping, and when it does chip, perhaps that’s a sign that it’s time for a new color.


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