Eyelash Curler & Tips for Using Eyelash Curler

Tips for Using Eyelash Curler

Eyelash Curler & Tips for Using Eyelash CurlerAll the beauticians recommend curling the lashes after or before the application of mascara as curled lashes define the shape and prettiness of eyes. If you are a beginner and don’t know the proper way of using lash curler, no need to worry!

We are here to tell you the proper way to use the curler;

Selecting Eyelash Curler

The quality of an eyelash curler and the directions to use it are the two main factors that play important role in curling the eyelashes properly. No doubt, expensive curlers do their job in best way but the ordinary low-cost curlers are also good for lifting the lashes up. So, instead of price, whole cushion and curve angle of the holder are the main things that should be taken into consideration.

Using Mascara before Curling

It is up to you that you use the mascara before curling the lashes or after curling. Even-as most producers recommend using the curler prior to the application of any eye makeup, several women choose to use eye shadow and mascara before curling to keep the lashes curled for long time period. But, remember the only thing with using mascara before curling lashes is to waste time in cleaning-up the curler after use.

Preparing for Eyelash Curling

If you wish to apply eye makeup before curling the lashes then apply the makeup and let it fully dry. After the makeup dries out completely curl the lashes. Make sure to use dry and clean curler. Hold the curler just like the clipper, open the gripper widely and curl your eyelashes.
Curling Eyelashes

While keeping the gripper widely open, place your top lashes in the jaws of the curler. First close your eyes gently and open them in the same way. Then, tweak the curler to the found of the eyelashes and close the gripper while retaining the eyes open. Keep it in this position for few seconds and then remove the curler.


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