Umair Arif’s Kathak Solo Dance Performance in Lahore

umair-arif-kathak-danceUmair Arif is a famous young kathak dancer & choreographer, He teaches all forms of eastern dances. He is also into yoga. He is the disciple of famous names in the field of classical dance Ustad Sajjad Hussain kathak kalawant patyala gharana, madem aimi minwala, Bina Jawwad & have taken workshops from renowned kathak dancer Nahid Siddiqui.

He is award winner as best solo dancer & best choreographer in “International youth Performing Festival 07” & Best performer in “National Youth Performing arts Festival 08” . He is working as a head choreography in “thespianz Theater” Karachi & official performer in “Alhamra Arts council Lahore”. He is teaching in Lahore grammar School defense and choreograph in every kind of events .

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