8th National Youth Performing Arts Festival Lahore

The 8th Youth Performing Arts Festival of the Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop (RPTW) kicked off on Thursday, 3rd December to 7th December at the Peeru’s Café, Lahore. This was the first time that the youth festival wass being organized at Peeru’s Café instead of the Alhamra Cultural Complex due to … Read more

Masumeh: The new dance diva!

Masumeh is a multi-talented personality. Besides having thoroughly mastered the traditional Kathak dance from gurus like Roshan of Jaipur gharana, Viru Krishnan of Lucknow gharana and Sunaina Hazarilal from the Banaras gharana, the actress has been equally well versed with the dance art form of the West viz; Salsa and … Read more

Asim Reza – Creative Brief

For a quiet man, Asim Reza has a lot to say. His work speaks for him, whether in the mythical setting of an advertisement or in the documentation of a dancer’s synchronized footwork. The quest for artistic greatness influences his life and though he doesn’t blow the trumpet on his … Read more