Maximum Use of Perfume

Maximum Use of Perfume

Maximum Use of PerfumeEveryone generally liked the fragrant aroma. That is why, before going to the office or to a party, use the perfume may be a mandatory thing for you. With a fragrant body, will increase the sense of comfort and confidence of the wearer. Even more so when going to meet someone important, you certainly do not want to leave a bad impression with an unpleasant odor. However, the price of cheap perfume that does not make us have to be able to maximize the use of perfume is a perfume that will not need to drain the bag. So, what to consider when using it?

Tips for Using Perfume

When it will use the perfume, you can notice the following things:

Adjust with body lotion
After a shower, maybe you’re used to using a body lotion. When will wear perfume, fragrance of body lotion adjust to fit each other so that the fragrance is not “collide”. In addition, you should use a body lotion before spraying perfume body lotion because it can reduce the smell of perfume.

Spray perfume on the skin
Instead, the perfume is sprayed on clothing. At a certain type of perfume, when sprayed on clothing can cause stains, leaving a mark as affected by water droplets in a long time.

Spray perfume on the appropriate body
Body parts should be sprayed perfume is the inner wrist, inner elbow, behind the ears, chest and neck. Using perfume in these places make of perfume last longer.

Do not rub the skin finished spraying perfume
Behaviors and some people are using the perfume on the inner wrist and then rubbing his wrist. This method will actually eliminate the smell of perfume. So, let it dry on its own perfume.

Do not use accessories or jewelry before using a perfume
When exposed to spray perfume, accessories or jewelry can make you wear a color change. The result accessories you no longer look attractive.

Use the perfume naturally
Excessive use of perfume can make people who do not like to be dizzy. The use of perfumes can be customized to skin type. For dry skin you need more perfume sprays. Whereas if you have oily skin, just spray a little perfume.

Store perfume in the right place
Perfume is not cheap so the price would be unfortunate if your perfume evaporates because it is not closed properly. So, make sure your perfume closed tightly. Store perfume in a cool dry place and avoid sunlight. Note that in the long term perfume can be changed. Then adjust the size of the contents of the perfume to your needs, so that the perfume is not stored for too long and change is no longer a fragrant aroma.

Using a fine perfume, it will boost your confidence. Besides enjoying the fragrant perfume for yourself, people around you too can enjoy the fragrance as well and they will be happy when close to you. By using the right perfume is also storing them properly, you can save the use of your perfume.


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