Perfumes for all Seasons – How to Match Your Fragrance to Your Mood

Choosing what perfume to wear can be complicated and confusing. Your fragrance can say a lot about who you are- whether you are a shy romantic or the life of the party. Some women choose a signature sense and wear it regularly, no matter what the occasion or season of the year. Other women prefer to have an assortment of choices in their perfume collection and they choose a particular scent according to their mood, the occasion or just on a whim. There are no hard and fast rules regarding perfumes, but some fragrances are more suitable to particular occasions than others are.

One way to begin the process of choosing a new perfume is to consider the season of the year. Perfumes react to the environment and will behave differently according to the time of year.

Summer Perfumes

* In the hot summer weather, your perfume will evaporate quickly. You can counteract this by choosing a light, airy fragrance and applying it more often. Summertime is perfect for light florals or citrus scents. Stay away from anything too heavy or overpowering in the summertime. Those types of scents are better suited to winter wear.

Winter Wear

* Cold winter air will cause your perfume to react in the opposite manner- it will cling longer and evaporate more slowly. Winter is a perfect time to choose a richer, fuller fragrance. It will develop more slowly and last much longer than the same perfume will when worn on a hot day. Warmer, intimate scents like musk and deep, rich spicy tones are the perfect addition to a winter wardrobe.

Springtime is in the Air

* Spring and autumn are transitional seasons and your perfume should reflect that. In the spring, we are surrounded with reminders of new life bursting forth and perfumes can join in this celebration. Try choosing a light floral or tangy citrus scent to express the joy of this season.

Autumn Aromas

* In the autumn, life begins to settle down and the long, beautiful evenings are a time to reflect and relax. This is the perfect time to begin the transition between the light summer perfumes and the deeper richer aromas of wintertime wear. Perfumes with a light undercurrent of spice or cinnamon are perfect for the fall. You can increase the intensity of the fragrance as the weather turns colder.

Match Your Perfume to the Occasion

You can also match your perfume choice to the occasion. No matter what you are doing, a light scent of a beautiful perfume can enhance the impression you leave with those around you.

In the Office

* For everyday office wear, stick to a sophisticated, yet light scents. Florals and fruity aromas work well, but choose lighter intensities and use a light hand when you apply them. Many people have strong sensitivities and allergies to perfumes and in an office setting the combination of many different perfumes can lead to headaches or nausea.

Date Night Fragrances

* When it’s time to go out on the town or on that special date, Orientals and woodsy perfumes add an air of mystery and seduction. Speaking of seductive scents, scientists have shown that scents with a base of vanilla, basil or cinnamon have a more seductive draw than heavier musks.

Calming Perfumes

* For those times when you want to relax and stay calm, lavender and vanilla bases bring serenity and tranquility to the forefront of your emotions.

Weddings and Celebrations

* Weddings and other celebratory ceremonies are perfect occasions to wear your favorite florals. Again, however, remember that there will be many women present, all wearing different scents. Go easy on the perfume and reapply a light spritz more often.

Perfumes are a fun way to express yourself and your mood. You can wear your favorites whenever you like, but by considering these tips, you can match your fragrance to the season or the occasion with a little more ease.

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  1. Matching your perfumes to the seasons is a graet way to make sure you have chosen the right scent. You can also match your fragrances by color, like if you are wearing something blue that day, chose a fragrance which is blue in color. You’ll get it right 99% of the time. Also try using perfumes made without alcohol, that way the scent evaporation is greatly reduced.

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