Men are better than women

I am a person of limited intelligence , but even some one who’s not as bright as I am can see that men are definitely better then women. Being a deeply religious person I keep thinking of the fact that Muhammad (May peace be upon him) was a man. In fact, all the prophets were men. Why did God, so infinite in his mercy, wisdom, and greatness did not ever think of making women a prophet. Is it because men are better human beings? From a woman’s point of view there are things that bother me about the female sex. For instance one thing that I’ve come across time and time again is that women always take care on men but they rarely take care of other women. To women a man will be of utmost, importance whether it is her son, husband, boyfriend or brother. She will always favor the guy to the girl, ironic isn’t it? There are very few women in this world who actually care about other women. Men on the other hand are more sensitive towards women, maybe that’s what makes women gravitate towards them. Men have a sense of brotherhood which deserves respect, but women don’t know the meaning of that word. It is true that men often cheat on women and make them miserable but on the whole I feel that a man’s heart is much bigger than that of a woman. Most women are vain, petty and will stoop to any level to make sure that the woman next to her does not succeed.

The only redeemable quality in women is motherhood , as mothers they play as important role in society but the same women that you admire , as a mother put her in the role of friend and confidante and you’ll see how quickly the scenario changes. Women rarely make good friends , it is sad but true Men are not as judgmental as women , they can be relied on to be more magnanimous and less finicky . A man’s intelligence is much superior to a woman and they are more objective. I’m profoundly grateful not that God created men because this world would not have been worth living if it was only inhabited by women. My experience have told me that a man will always be there to lend a hand, its men who are the breadwinners of the family, Even Quaid-e-Azam who found and identity for us was a man. Men give shelter to women and children and protect them against the world. Even the angels are men, think of Gabriel , Michael and the rest , God didn’t even think of making female angels -I think that all these factors require contemplation and when you have honestly thought about it you too will come to the conclusion that men are better then women.

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