Mud Bath to Treat Skin Problems

Since ancient period sand has been very effective in naturopathy, in removing the illness. It removes the inner obstacle of body activates the blood. MUD THERAPY: Mud therapy opens the pores of skin increases the blood circulation, till the upper layer of skin. It cures the inner obstacle pain of body. It removes the toxic materials of body. In naturopathy illness like indigestion, skin disease, pain in knees, eye problem, head pain, chronic pain metabolic disorder is removed through sand. In natural therapy treatment is done by applying:-

  • Stripe of mud on eyes.
  • Stripe of mud on stomach.
  • Stripe of mud on the spine bone.


2-3 foot pit is dogged near river or lake, black oily sand is taken out. It is crushed filtered. Than it is dried in sunlight. Before using it, soak it for 12 hours in water.


  • Black sand, yellow ochre powder, orange shell powder, white sand powder, rose leaves powder turmeric is mixed.
  • Pour the herbal mud in clean container, mix cold water in it. Make a paste by shaking it with wooden spoon in such a manner so that it can be easily applied on the whole body.
  • After soaking it in water for 12 hours, apply it on the whole body sit in sun for 15- 60 minutes, according to the need.
  • When the paste is dried, remove it with cold water by massaging. This way mud massage will also be done

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