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Natural Face Scrub

Natural Face Scrub

Natural Face ScrubWhen it comes to skin care regime, exfoliation should be followed at least once in a week. Skin exfoliation is nothing but removal of dead cells from the skin and scrubs are cosmetic products that help in exfoliating the skin. Body scrubs and face scrubs are two types of scrubs and the latter are made specially for the facial skin care.

Skin on the face is very delicate and gentle and hence, needs mild products for exfoliating. Using face scrub on regular basis, not only removes the dead skin but also exposes a new layer of skin. This makes the face look healthier and glowing. Though there are a number of face scrub brands, preparing a natural face scrub is easy and economic. These face scrubs are safe because you are aware of all the ingredients in it. So, do you want to prepare your own natural face scrub? Then here are some recipes for you. Read more on skin care.

Natural Face Scrub Recipe

* Wheat husk – ½ cup
* Honey – 1 tablespoon
* Milk – 1 tablespoon


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