Physical exercise helps to maintain ideal body weight

excrcise weightloss All over the world, health experts are vociferously telling people to include a regular exercise program in their daily or weekly routine. Why? Only because such activities are immensely helpful to stay healthy and slim. To maintain an ideal body weight and reduce fat deposits from body, a vigorous exercise plan is recommended and it is carried out daily or every alternate day for normal people.


Prior to any exercise session, it is necessary to warm the body up to increase blood circulation and temperature. Hopping and moving to and fro is the easiest and commonly used way to do this.


This is basically a part of pre-exercise warm-up process. Its importance is beyond your imagination. Those who do not stretch muscles properly, hardly get the benefits of the exercise they are doing. Besides, it prevents from any cramps or muscular aches during or after the work-out. With little effort and movement, you can make flexible moves that cannot be done with a cold body.

What exercises to do

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