Parenting Tips for the First Time Parents

Parenting Tips for the First Time Parents

Parenting Tips for the First Time ParentsAfter waiting for 9 whole months and anticipating each and every moment, the baby is finally in your hands and nothing could give you a more satisfying feeling than being a mom or a dad.

Your world seems to be filled with joy, love and happiness and the baby means the world to you. But this wonderful time brings a lot of things with it too that demand time and patience to be learnt and become a part of your life with the new arrival in your family. Parenting is one of the most challenging tasks at all levels in life. A child needs constant support and guidance from his or her parents and therefore, parents should be smart enough in order to tackle with all sorts of situations.

Dealing with the new born babies is especially for the first time parents is both interesting and challenging. Many parents are confused and scared about lots of things. Here are a few basic parenting tips for the first time parents that can help them in being confident about caring and dealing with their little bundle of joy who has just arrived.

1. Keep yourself germ free
The new born babies do not have a very strong immune system and they are more susceptible to germs. Therefore, make sure that you wash your hands properly before holding your baby. You can keep a hand sanitizer with yourself too so that you can clean your hands anywhere you are. Also, make sure that you ask others too to wash their hands before they hold the baby.

2. Holding the baby
Babies are totally dependent on the elders and they have no control of their own. Therefore, while holding the baby or putting him/her down in a stroller or a crib, make sure the head and the neck are in a secure position. Always keep a firm hand behind the head of the baby so that he/she does not get into some abnormal posture which can lead to serious problems.

3. Bonding with your baby
This is a very important factor for the emotional growth of the baby. Kissing your child, gently hugging the baby and stroking him in different patterns helps in the emotional development of the baby. Both, the mom and the dad should make sure that they spend quality time in bonding with the baby.


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