Mahesh Bhatt to make film on Lal Haveli

Mahesh Bhatt, leading Indian film maker and director and father of bollywood star, Pooja Bhatt has decided to produce a historical film on legendary, Lal Haveli owned by information minister, Sheikh Rashid Ahmed. Mahesh Bhatt visited Lal Haveli a day earlier and went around various parts of haveli. Jhelum will … Read more

Pooja Bhatt condemns ‘hate movies’

“This would help establish love between the masses of the two sides,” said Mahesh Bhatt, who is presently in Pakistan to attend International Film Festival, while addressing a press conference. Addressing the press conference the Indian film director and his daughter Puja Bhatt said: “We condemn movies made in India, … Read more

Pakistani artistes making money worldwide

Pop music is rapidly taking over the Pakistani music scene, despite the moral brigade and diktats of the clergy. “Pop, along with soft rock, is growing in popularity. It has developed in a very short span of time and shows more promise than even Indian pop music,” claims Saadia, 19, … Read more

Pakistani Band’s Pipe Dream Comes True in Scotland

THE Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf has stepped in at the last minute to allow a pipe band to play at tomorrow’s record-breaking piping attempt in Holyrood Park. President Musharraf’s personal involvement came about when he learned that Patiala Pipe Band of Pakistan couldn’t afford to travel to Edinburgh’s Pipefest 2005. … Read more

Pakistan’s Favourite Gora Plans to Marry a Pakistani

When Geo TV, a thrusting new channel, ran a teaser campaign this year declaring that “George” was coming to Pakistan, the Islamabad government might have worried. Why did the Americans not tell them their president was visiting? Was Air Force One circling overhead? Should President Musharraf pull a fresh al-Qaida … Read more

Imran Khan divorced Jemima

The marriage of former Pakistan cricket star Imran Khan and UK socialite Jemima Goldsmith has ended. Former Pakistan captain Imran Khan has officially separated from his wife Jemima after nine years of marriage, according to Imran’s family. Jemima (aka Haiqa), who is the daughter of the late British millionaire Sir … Read more