Reality Of Deodorants

REALITY OF DEODORANTSNobody wants to go around smelling like a rotten egg isn’t it? Therefore women try and choose rather to spread fragrance around, in order to combat sweat odor as well indirectly the feminism rules over to attract men around. Equality may be in and those stereotypical ideas about men and women may be out but there are still the obvious differences prevailing.

This is where we have different deodorants for men and women. Women are definitely built different to a man, and this can be seen in every aspect of life, from the field of sports to different emotional responses to situations to the way that women think. This is not a bad thing, it is just…different. Now when it comes to creating a deodorant for women as per ones particular needs we can say. Most women only need minimal protection for sweat and odor while others may need a stronger one.

And there are gender natural scents as you would hardly see men going all the way and sniffing up the scent to choose. Hence there are different deodorants for men and women and women ones being pink in color generally, giving that feminine touch to them.

It’s really difficult to do without deodorants, especially in summer, when it’s so hot.

Although a recent study shows, that every woman is probably going to make a choice soon: either using the deodorant or her own health, as the use of these cosmetic products may increase the risk of breast cancer. Parabens are used in thousands of cosmetic products, drugs and foods as preservatives, but this study was the first to find their ability to accumulate in tissues.


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