How to get the perfect summer skin

How to get the perfect summer skin

Summer Skin Care SolutionsSkin is not only the most important part of the body; it is also the most sensitive one. And its care has been a topic that has been widely studied and researched for hundreds of years. From simple to extensive, harsh to invasive techniques, thousands of skin-care methods have evolved over the years and have entered the market.

After all, how one’s skin looks and feels reflects on one’s personality, self-esteem and physical appearance. With summer fast approaching, we asked dermatologist Dr Shehla Ahmad, cosmetologist Ridah Misbah and skin expert Asma Mumtaz to give us guidelines on protecting skin against harsh rays and a basic skin-care routine that should be followed.

“It is essential during this time to reduce exposure to invasive skin-care procedures,” says Ahmad. She adds that washing one’s face with a clear soap or face wash should suffice as they do not have any added moisturisers and in fact help clear away excessive oil and dirt.“People generally do not know the correct use of sunblock, so we don’t advise lathering up with it. Instead, a basic face powder can be used as most powders have sun protection factor (SPF) incorporated in them and this can protect one’s skin against UV radiations,” says the dermatologist.

When it comes to flushed skin, Ahmad advises splashing skin with cool water. “When your face heats up, the pores are dilated. Dilated pores cause aging and wrinkles. So hydrating the body with as much water as possible is very important.”

Mumtaz says, “At night, take a teaspoon of olive and castor oil and massage it into your skin. After a few minutes, wipe it off with a hot towel. The olive oil acts as a cleanser while the castor oil is a great moisturiser. Once this is done, tone the face with a cold green tea teabag that has already been used.” She explains that although oil clogs pores, oil can also dissolve oil which is why it is used in the ‘Oil Cleanse Method’.

On the topic of sunscreen, she says, “Although I advise everyone to wear sunscreen, make-up is the best sunscreen. You cannot go wrong with good quality make-up as it acts as a barrier against harsh rays.”

Even though most of these routines are pretty basic and simple, it is best to always keep your skin type in mind before trying something new.

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