Safe Exercises during Pregnancy

Safe Exercises during Pregnancy

Safe Exercises during Pregnancy

There are so many benefits of exercise during pregnancy. It elevates mood, improves sleep, reduces ache and pain, enhances body endurance and thus prepares you for child birth. But do consult your health expert before doing exercises during pregnancy.
There are a few helpful exercises mentioned below which work for a lot of women

Walking: one of the best cardiovascular exercises during pregnancy is walking. It does not require much effort and can be done anywhere and is safe through out 9 months of pregnancy. 20 minutes of walk daily is enough for you. Doctors usually recommend this exercise.

Yoga: yoga is a very good exercise which makes you feel so relaxed and enlightened. Yoga is the best way to maintain your body muscles in good tone. You can visit a good yoga centre for details.

Stretching: stretching prevents muscle strain and a lot of stretching exercise can work for you.

Aerobics: another amazing exercise which can maintain your muscle tone and enhance your body endurance. Always consult a good aerobic expert for the exercise.

Swimming: if you love water and already a swimmer don’t hesitate on continuing with your swimming routine. Experts and specialist regard swimming as the best exercise during pregnancy.


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