Salman Khan’s Veer in demand for Rs. 150 crore?

Salman Khan starrer Veer might break down all records if the price its being offered is agreed upon. It has been offered a mind boggling Rs. 150 crore for its complete world wide rights.

Industry trade sources inform, “If Vipul Shah’s London Dreams got a whopping Rs. 120 crore even before shooting a single shot and became the biggest deal in Bollywood, Veer is all set to break its record very soon. Anil Sharma’s Veer starring Salman and Sohail Khan along with a debutante model turned actress and Mithun Chakraborty has been offered Rs. 150 crore by one of Bollywood’s top most corporate production house. What has made Veer a period drama such a hot proposition? Well it has a script written by Salman Khan himself and the ferocious way by which he is promoting this film everywhere, the hype for the film is multiplying every passing day. Salman is also keen on taking his war with Shahrukh Khan more further by taking active interest in every single department of his most ambitious venture till date, Veer. He wants to prove that if SRK can take Om Shanti Om to glory single handedly, he can pitch in more efforts and ensure double the result of OSO. The staggering price offered is a sort of moral victory for Salman as he is now considered the hottest stars of Bollywood in terms of market price overtaking SRK by leaps and bounds!”

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