Ghajini rakes in a whopping Rs 320 million on day one

Aamir Khan’s just released film Ghajini has reportedly raked in a whopping Rs 320 million on the first day of its opening. If the news is true, this is the biggest opening by any Indian movie in the history of Indian cinema.

Though the report still remains unconfirmed, but the way it has got hyped reviews from around the world, this may not be something unexpected.

Given the fact that the film has got 100 percent booking for the whole week including the day of its launch, it was sure to break many Bollywood records when it comes to box office collections.

Despite the fact that the film has got mixed response from reviewers, the sort of hype that was created before its launch these reviews may take time to sink in.

A film critic while writing about the film says, “Aamir is not bad but one expects more from the actor than Rajnikant style amplified-action sequences or anger bouts reminiscent of a hysterical Kamal Hassan from Abhay. Asin is pleasing and Jiah Khan is decent. Pradeep Rawat hams in the title role…If you are expecting an intelligent psychological suspense thriller, watch Memento. If you are looking for an intense desi action masala watch the Tamil Ghajini. For the Hindi version doesn’t show much difference other than trimming the twin villain from the original into a single baddie. By now we are prone to digesting the exaggerated action in south cinema. It would still take some time to accept Aamir Khan doing the same. Rather, the question in first place is, would we ever want to accept Aamir in such avatar?”

But most of the critics have only good words about the film and about Aamir. A film critic write, “It’s Aamir Khan all the way and that’s who you should be laying eyes on throughout the film. Ghajini follows Khan’s character Sanjay Singhania through his turbulent past and his violent present. Rich, famous and totally in love is what Sanjay was, before a violent incident caused him to remember all but 15 minutes of his life. Entrapped in those 15 minutes is the loss of his love Kalpana (Asin), her killer and the reason for his condition – Ghajini (Pradeep Rawat). Out to seek revenge is what Sanjay puts his life towards. But with strong memory as his enemy, Sanjay is left to seek revenge using all but pictures and memos. Somewhere down the line enters Sunita (Jiah Khan), who initially fears Sanjay but then having learnt the truth, is set out to help him. Alternating between a half remembered past and a revengeful present, Sanjay lives, breathes and sleeps only seeking to avenge his love’s death.”

Another reviewer writes, “for years Aamir the actor has been praised for his ability to rise above his super stardom. But this time around it’s the star who towers over the film. For the first time, Aamir Khan has perhaps become bigger than the film. He dances, he fights and does just about everything a stereotypical Hindi film hero is expected to. In the process he delivers a three-hour-hour plus formula film that’s designed to keep all its investors happy. So by the time the true verdict on Ghajini emerges, the film would have broken new records. Monetarily.”

Ghajini in Hindi is is a frame-to-frame remake with far superior production values. The last half hour of the movie bears no resemblance to the original. Aamir claims to have improved upon the original’s weaknesses. Though one wishes the writers had incorporated a few more twists and turns while scripting the new climax. And though this is an equally effective culmination to the plot, the mystery about the villain and his lookalike has been conveniently dropped in the Hindi version. This robs the villain’s character of the edge the original one enjoyed.

Many people initially believed when the first pictures of Aamir in Ghajini promos were released that the pictures were digitally enhanced. But that was wrong. Aamir had in fact worked real hard to outsmart Shahrukh Khan who had flaunted his six pack body in his film Om Shanti Om.

In the meantime there are news that distributors are asking the producers to increase the number of prints due to the heavy rush that was witnessed throughout the day today. Multiplex owners are insisting that it needs to be done to serve the heavy rush of the moviegoers for the film.

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