Shimmer Eye Make Up

Shimmer Eye Make Up

shimmer-eye-make-up1Shimmer, also referred to as highlighter, luminizer and illuminator, is what gives you that dewy glow of youthful radiance. If you look at a photo of a woman with no shimmer, and compare it to a photo with shimmer, you will notice how dull a complexion can look without it. However, you must use shimmer with caution since it draws attention to anything it touches. Focus on your best features, such as brow bones, cheekbones, and lips. One exception to this rule is when used under the eyes to cover dark circles, as subtle shimmer will reflect light, and help to conceal.

Shimmer, like most makeup, comes in different colors and textures. There are cream, powder and liquid shimmers, each of which are applied with either a brush or your fingertips.


This picture shows that how you can do shimmer eye makeup.

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