Wonderful Eye Makeup In Short, Easy Steps And Very Less Time

Easy Steps for Wonderful Eye Makeup

Wonderful Eye Makeup In Short, Easy Steps And Very Less TimeI have always had this fancy looking at celebrities’ eyes and thought whether I could have similar eyes like them. But when I looked at their pictures without eye make up they look the same as mine. The truth obviously lies in the make over for the eyes.

Their eyes look luminous and actually there are a few secrets to having such wonderful eyes. You must always curl your lashes if you don’t have curly lashes. Mascara also helps open your eyes up and the mascara you apply should be well dried. You can learn the trick of applying mascara to those curled lashes. You might have to dry the eyelashes for a few seconds with a hair drier so that the mascara stays on.

The eye lash curler however should not be too hot when you use that for clamping the upper lashes. The bottom lashes or the eyelashes on the lower lids should also be catered to. When the lower lashes are also done up it is an astonishing change to the eyes. The brush has to be held vertically and then swept back and forth and you can also use a pencil liner to the lower lashes.

It would look very natural in that case and appear in a straight line. You can try on some pencil eye liner so that you can smudge the line softly and make it appear softer. It is important to use false eyelashes that are absolutely safe because the adhesive that is used for the lashes can cause irritation or infection to the eyes. There are experts who can tell you about the fake eyelashes that are good for skin.

The drugstore would have fake eyelashes but you should be careful when buying them. When you have to go out in the evening, you can always put some light eye shadow at the upper part of the eyelid near the brows and the inner ridge of the eye tear the tear duct. You can also line the lower lid with a creamy white pencil. If you have dark circles under your eyes, you can use a good highlighter for removing the dark marks.

It is this highlighter that makes the difference and brings in that wide- eyed look it is definitely not the concealer’s job. The use of the highlighter is simple but it must be done with care. You can use the highlighter just below the brow on the brow bone in small dots and then blend that. You can also use that along the bottom line of the eyes in dots and then gradually smudge that in. You can also tuck your chin in by using highlighter subtly.

Brows that are manicured look very clean and make the face appear cleaner too,. Over tweezing of brows is bad but they can actually use the tweezers and the thread to shape your eyebrows. When they get their brows done, they indeed look much better. Get to professional people instead of trying out harsh methods of tweezing, plucking or threading at home. With all that touch up to your eyes, you can be assured of having wide-awake celebrity eyes.


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