Night Makeup

Night Makeup

Night MakeupA whole lot of make-up options can be tried by a person who is going to a party at night, and a carefully chosen night makeup product can make a big difference in your overall look .There are plenty of makeup products, which can be applied only at night. For example, you cannot apply shimmer makeup at day time. This may be considered as a biggest makeup blooper.

With night makeup, you can create a good feel with your theme. You can also choose a night makeup theme, based on your dress color. This may also help to enhance your look.

Here are some tips, you may consider for your night makeup look:

For basic night makeup look, you can cleanse your face and apply a primer coat on your face. Pick a similar shade in your makeup primer coat.

You can then apply a foundation on your face. Consider a natural foundation shade; you can also apply some concealer powder to hide your facial marks.

Evenly apply the foundation on your face, for making your makeup look good. There should be no uneven patches on your skin. After this, apply some loose powder on your skin. This can help to complete your face night makeup look. You can choose a bronze makeup look for your night makeup. Bronze makeup is the most suitable form of night makeup.

For your night eye makeup, you can experiment with dark shades. Consider applying dark shades like blue and green. These shades normally do not look good at day time.

You can also use lots of shimmer for your eye makeup. Use of a highlighter may also enhance your night eye makeup. You can also smudge your eye shadow for creating a cool look for your eyes. Use of dark kohl pencil can further enhance your night eye makeup.

You can also enhance your eye makeup look with use of volume mascara. This also suits your night eye makeup look.

Try to apply a lip-gloss on your lips, for your night makeup theme. You can also use a shimmer gloss on your lips. This can give a natural effect to your makeup look. These are night makeup tips, you may consider.


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  1. wich iz d bst makeup kit to use….as ma skin is senstive n litle transparent type…evn i hv dark circles n smal boils,pimpals,n spots,blackheds so wat wld b beter to use n hw i cn make my skin look glowin n how cld i remove boils pimpals blackheds frm ma skin..?

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