Skin Care For Winter

Its winter and time you began your skin care routine.

Winter means different things to different people… relief from humidity, basking in the sunshine, log fires, a promise of spring…. But to most of us, the cold season means beauty problems in the form of a dry, dehydrated skin. And, all of us want to look good, no matter what the season. Coping with the skin is a daily affair, needing an awareness of its needs and a little knowledge about the kind of treatment it deserves to look its best.

Fear of premature ageing

Extreme heat or cold are direct irritants for the skin. The lack of humidity in the air is bound to affect the skin by robbing it of moisture. Instead of being soft, smooth and moist, it becomes dry and taut. It begins to flake and rough, chapped areas develop easily. People who fall in the “dry skin” category may find that their skins are highly sensitive during winter. If the skin is not given enough moisturizing treatment, it can lead to premature ageing with the early formation of lines and wrinkles.

The right skin cleansing routine

Thorough cleansing is very important for the skin, especially for those living in urban areas. But every time we wash our face with soap, we wash away the natural oils and leave the skin drier. Chlorinated water also aggravates the skin. The skin should be treated with a pre-wash cream to protect and soften it. At night, cleanse the skin with a rehydrant cleanser containing aloe Vera, wiping off all creams with moist cotton wool. Apply a nourishing cream and give the skin a light massage for about five minutes, with upward and outward movements. Again, wipe off cream with moist cotton wool. If the skin still feels dry, apply a light liquid moisturizer while the skin is still damp and leave it on. Intensive miniaturization is essential to ensure that the skin is never lacking in moisture. Before applying foundation, apply a liquid moisturizer.

Most make-up cosmetics cause dryness. If you have dry skin sensitivity, products containing alcohol and synthetic perfumes should be avoided. Remove all make-up with a rehydrant cleanser.

Protection is also important, especially if you go out during the day. Exposure to the sun causes dryness and so does the lack of humidity in the atmosphere. Apply a good sunscreen, along with a moisturizer, for total protection.

Try honey for softer skin

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