Spring Care Routine

Spring signifies new life, as flowers begin to bloom and new leaves appear. Nature renews herself. Similarly, our skin needs proper care; so that it recovers its natural beauty says our beauty expert.

During winter months, the skin loses moisture to the atmosphere. Even oily skins can suffer from dryness of the outermost layer. As for normal to dry skins, they can suffer from a rough texture and even become sensitive in some cases.

For normal to dry skin

It is never too late to start a daily skin care routine and you will be surprised how well the skin and hair responds.

Lets take the skin first. If your skin is normal to dry, start giving it daily toning, moisturizing and nourishing treatments.

It is important to know that the skin absorbs moisture in the form of an emulsion of oil and water. It cannot absorb water or oil by itself.

Therefore, the only way of dealing with the problem is to use moisturizers daily, to replenish the loss of moisture and keep the skin soft and moist.more
For dry skin

Dry skins also need daily nourishment with the application of rich creams, so that the skin receives emollients and is able to hold moisture. Since soap and water washing can cause further dryness, the use of a cleansing gel or cream is recommended for removing make-up and cleansing the skin. The skin also needs to be protected from further moisture loss. This can be done with the use of sunscreens and moisturizers. The removal of all creams should be done with moist cotton wool.

Select the right product

As far as products are concerned, cleansing creams or gels, containing rehydrants, like aloe vera, are good for normal to dry skins. Such ingredients cleanse the skin without depleting moisture. In fact, they can supply moisture to the skin.

You can also prepare a cleanser at home by mixing half a cup of milk with half teaspoon of any vegetable oil, like sesame seed (til) oil, or olive oil, or sunflower oil. Put the mixture in a bottle and shake well. Wipe your skin with this, using cotton wool and keep the remainder in the refrigerator for the next 2 or 3 days.

For oily skins, you can mix one-tablespoon rose water with one teaspoon lemon juice or tomato juice. Mix well and use this to cleanse the skin with cotton wool. Then wash the face with plenty of plain water. In fact, if you have an oily skin, use a facial scrub two or three times a week. This will clear the pores of clogged oil.

Make sure to tone the skin well

After cleansing, the skin should be toned with a rose or lavender based skin tonic. Rose water can also be used for skin toning.

Make cotton wool pads and soak them in rose water. First wipe the face and then pat the face with the cotton wool pad. This helps to improve blood circulation to the skin surface.

Moisturizers are available in both liquid and cream forms. For dry skins, it is better to use a creamy moisturizer, applying it after cleansing and toning the skin. It should also be applied under make-up. A liquid moisturizer can be used at night, after cleansing and nourishing the skin.

For oily skins, a light, liquid moisturizer is better. At night, after cleansing, nourish your skin, if it is normal to dry. A variety of nourishing creams are available. Ingredients like wheat germ, cabbage, carrot, almonds, Vitamins A and E are used in night creams.

The cream should be applied with a few drops of water. Then massage the skin with circular strokes, for 2 to 3 minutes. Wipe off the cream with moist cotton wool.

Apply a face mask

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