curl hair with straighteners

Step by step guide to curl hair with straighteners

curl hair with straighteners
Here is a step by step guide to use hair straightener as a hair curler. Sounds interesting ? Let’s do it.

  • Brush hair and divide into sections depending on thickness of hair. For thicker hair use smaller sections. 
  • Place the section of hair in the straighteners. Turn the straighteners over 360 degrees so that they are turned back in on themselves. 
  • Pull the straighteners out along the length of the hair continuing to hold it at the same angle to put the curl in.
  • Continue in small sections until you get to the front section of the hair to finish.


Slowly glide the straighteners through the hair.

The slower you go the tighter the curl.

If the straighteners glide less easily towards the ends of the hair where it is drier, loosen your grip and go slower to avoid damaging your hair.

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