Strings keep the flood victims issue alive-From Lahore to London

Newsweek termed Pakistan as the bravest nation recently. And why not?  Even the natural calamity of the devastating floods has failed to destroy the patriotic spirit this nation possesses. Amidst a fragile economic situation and questioned credibility of rescue organizations, there is no dissimilarity between the enthusiasm of people which one witnessed at the time of 2005 earthquake. If the magnitude of the calamity this time around is tenfold, so are the efforts of the rescuers. Musicians all across the country are showing their jingoistic spirits with involvement in a myriad of flood relief activities. One such act is renowned band Strings, comprising of Faisal Kapadia and Bilal Maqsood. The duo has always been vigilant whenever the need has arisen in critical times. In the same spirit, the band has planned a series of charity concerts for the fund-raising campaign for flood victims.

“We are massively involved in the initiation of a concert series for flood relief victims. It will be a three-concert series which will start in November in various cities of Pakistan in which many artistes will join hands,” said Faisal Kapadia while speaking to Instep Today.

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