Strings keep the flood victims issue alive-From Lahore to London

Newsweek termed Pakistan as the bravest nation recently. And why not? Even the natural calamity of the devastating floods has failed to destroy the patriotic spirit this nation possesses. Amidst a fragile economic situation and questioned credibility of rescue organizations, there is no dissimilarity between the enthusiasm of people which one witnessed at the time of 2005 earthquake. If the magnitude of the calamity this time around is tenfold, so are the efforts of the rescuers. Musicians all across the country are showing their jingoistic spirits with involvement in a myriad of flood relief activities.

Meera-The champion of women rights in Drama Husn Ara kaun

Meera says she is looking forward to a full-fledged career in television. While addressing a press conference on Monday evening at Karachi’s Marriott Hotel, the actor and model talked about her upcoming play titled “Husn Ara Kaun?”.
She was clad in a peach outfit but prior to the press conference starting she hurriedly changed into a vibrant outfit in sea green and black and sported sunglasses throughout the press conference.

Kenny Belaey in Pakistan to raise funds for flood victims

Kenny Belaey, the world champion in trial bike, has reached Pakistan in a bid to raise funds for the victims of the devastating floods in the country. Belaey will raise funds for the flood victims by exhibiting his skills in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad until October 7 in special shows arranged by his sponsors, Red Bull.
His sponsors were able to organise his visit to Pakistan which has been shunned by international sportsmen and teams due to security reasons since last year.

Art for Relief – Donated art exhibit for Pakistan flood survivors

PCK (Photo Club of Karachi) is organizing a series of exhibitions under Art for Relief campaign to raise funds for flood affected people in Pakistan.
Photographers, Fine Artists, Sculptors: Donate your art for Pakistan Flood Survivors. If you can’t donate, help spread the word or help organize the event by becoming a volunteer.”
ALL sale proceeds/funds will be donated to the flood effected families through a PROPER, ACCOUNTABLE and TRANSPARENT channel.