Styling curly hair

Curly hair is sometimes thought to be coarse and given to unruliness. While those with straight hair styles envy the curls, those who sport the corkscrew tresses forever wish for the flat, long styles. Those with long curly hair in particular seem to have their work cut out for them since so many hairstyles require a lot of work to just hold and keep in shape.

Tips for How to Style Naturally Curly Hair
To be truthful, naturally curly hair is the kind of style that is not easy for everyone to accept and love. A short style may turn into a frizzy mess at the first sign of rain or elevated humidity in the air, while the mid length cuts seem to unravel halfway through the business day and before long the curly mess takes on the proportions of a bird’s nest. Fortunately, curly hair doesn’t have to be that complicated! There are a number of hairstyle ideas which will leave you pleased with your thick tresses.

  • What causes frizzy curls? Not even the best shampoo will undo the frizz if you perpetuate the one behavior that causes it: the blow dryer. To help get your hair ready for being shaped into the style you have chosen, the odds are good that using a hot air dryer is your preferred method of drying, but in so doing the hair is prevented to develop its natural curl. This of course makes your blonde mane incapable of following the layered look you have chosen.
  • Another heat source that has your curls see red is the straightening iron. For it to work properly the iron becomes very hot and thus temporarily relaxes the spiral but doing so comes at a cost: frizz. Short cuts will soon show signs of breakage that leave the hair looking frizzy while long cuts will not show the breakage as clearly but before long will present with split ends. Although straightened hair is the preferred condition for application of highlights and color, it is not advisable to overdo this procedure.
  • Two of the most commonly quoted tips revolve around the use of conditioning products instead of shampoo and continuing with the styling while the hair is still moist. How to style your curly hair depends on the cut; generally speaking, medium cuts may just need a running through with your fingers.
  • Those who have artificially curled hair will appreciate the advice to invest in a high quality leave in conditioner. Permed hair is notorious for its dryness and you will do well to augment any natural oils with a leave in product that is highly rated for its long duration of supplying nutrients and moisture to the hair.

Weaves and Permed Curls May Need Special Help
Styling and hair care advice for curly hair types desiring to weave in foreign tresses and sometimes artificial ornamentation requires them to remember that curls do not fall the same way each and every day. Start slowly with just one section woven in and see if you like the result before spending a day at the salon only to not be able to replicate the result the next day.

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