excessive sweating

Feel Fresh-Prevent Excesive Sweating

Do you sweat too much? Many people almost all ages suffer from excessive sweating. Excessive sweat affects different parts of your body. It also results in causing low self-esteem and destroying self confidence. It’s a very common problem that people face but there are solutions. There are a few things … Read more

Summer make up

Keep Your Summer Makeup Fresh

Sweltering heat and humidity can wreak havoc with your summer makeup. Foundation may seem to melt or liquefy, and no powder stands up to those little beads of sweat that collect around your hairline. A modification of your regimen may be in order, and a few tricks will get you through a midday makeup meltdown.

Skip the foundation, if possible, and opt for a tinted moisturizer. If foundation….


Summer Delight – Mango

It is one of the most popular and best-loved fruits worldwide. Because of its excellent flavor, attractive fragrance, beautiful shades of color, delicious taste and healthful value, mango is now recognized as one of the best fruit in the world market. Mango has had a prominent position among the commercial … Read more

Skin Care for Summers

Wet, Set, Go… This summer promise yourself that you will look fresh and gorgeous. Even if you are barefaced without a trace of make-up. All you’ve to do is be a true water baby. And by that we don’t mean just splashing in the surf during your holiday by the … Read more