Textured Ceilings – What Makes This a Popular Home Design?

There are people who do not want their ceilings to look entirely bare. Good thing is there are ways for us to design our ceilings. Modern home interior designers have come up with a textured ceiling design. Some people think that ceilings with textures are really expensive to make and is very unmanageable. However, they are actually just very easy to install. These days, there are available texture designs that are very easy to install.

Advantages of textured ceiling:

· It can hide holes and imperfections on the ceiling.

· It helps conceal the leakage and cracks without being obvious.

· It makes the whole room more attractive.

· It looks more elegant than the bare ceiling.

· It gives the ceiling a three-dimensional look.

There are so many designs available for different kinds of room ceilings. There is what we call the “Roller Sheetrock Design” which is a form of mud that is used to add texture on the ceiling. It is made up of Sheetrock mud that is mixed with water, and then applied onto the ceiling. One can create different stroke patterns by using this material. Another is the “Knockdown Sheetrock Design” where in the Sheetrock mud is used like the latter one, but here, the consistency of the mud is thinner. A crow’s foot stomp brush is used instead of the roller.

The most common of the ceiling designs is the “Wooden Design” where in the wooden furniture in the room is completed with the wood designs in the ceiling. This one is perfect for a room where we use a majority of wooden furniture.

Another one is the “Trowel-on Design“. In this design, the texturing material is applied by the use of a standard trowel. It will create a plaster-like look into the texturing material.

Rooms where textured ceiling can be applied:

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