Valentines day decor

Valentine’s Day Home Decor Crafts

Valentines day decorDecorating for the holiday can create a more festive atmosphere and fill a house with cheer. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to spruce up your home for Valentine’s Day. Make your own Valentine crafts for decorations to get your home ready for the occasion.

Valentine Candle Holders

Candles are appropriate for Valentine’s Day, whether you’re setting up a cute brunch for the kids or having a romantic date night. Decorate a glass jar to make a custom candle holder with decoupage hearts. Decoupage is a technique using a clear glue medium to glue on a collage of images. You can purchase decoupage medium at craft stores, or use clear-drying craft gel glue. Cut out a few hearts from some pink, lavender or red vellum paper and glue them on the outside of a mason jar. Vellum is heat-proof and translucent so when you put a candle in the jar, the hearts will light up like stained glass.

Candy Cane Hearts

If you find yourself with a stash of leftover candy canes from the holidays, you can convert them into heart-shaped decorations. The red and white coloring is fitting for Valentine’s Day, and the hooked shape makes it just right for heart decorations. Turn two candy canes so that the hooks are facing each other and the tips of the hooks and the bottom of the canes are touching. Use a dab of glue or red rubber bands to secure the candy canes together in that shape. Tie a ribbon on it to hang them from the ceiling or in the window.

Valentines Day Home Decor Crafts
Paper Heart Chains

You may be familiar with the concept of paper dolls from when you were a child, and you can apply the same technique to making paper hearts. Fold a piece of paper accordion-style. Cut out a heart shape, being sure that the sides at the widest part of the heart touch the edges of the folded paper so that all the hearts remain attached when you unfold them. You may only be able to get a few hearts out of one sheet of folded paper, but you can attach as many as you want together with tape to lengthen the chain. Hang the chain around the room to brighten it up.

Valentine’s Day Flower Pot

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